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Benefits of Using Toric Circle Lenses

Benefits of using toric circle lenses Everything has been driven by the technological development of the lenses that we implant inside the eye after extracting the cataract.


Its optical design has been able to keep the images focused, regardless of the distance at which they are observed. It is in fact an artificial approach system whose results have acquired high optical quality levels in recent years.


The latest advance has come hand in hand with the toric circle lenses that, on other types of lenses, have improved the intermediate vision, necessary to work with the computer, and have given a better visual quality at all distances.


On its surface, delicate concentric rings are defined. When the patient has astigmatism we also have the same lenses with the astigmatism included in their design. These are multifocal toric lenses. Thus we close the circle. All patients can now receive these benefits.