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Quality and Value of Different Colour Lenses

Choosing a pair of Colour Lenses could be considered both an art and a science. Regarding health, it is undoubted and we have already commented previously, the importance of choosing a lens of an optimum quality that protects the eyes in an effective way.


However, as regards taste, we have already begun to enter another type of terrain. Not in vain has it always been said: for tastes the colours and that is something undeniable.

It should be remembered that the colour is not only aesthetic, since each type of lens provides its own characteristics: it is not the same to use a goggle on a sea voyage, where the chromatist will be blue eminently, than in a road, in which the perception of primary colours (red, yellow and blue) is critical.


In this post we are going to show you the main chromatic varieties that exist for lenses and to list their main advantages and applied conditions for each situation, since it is very important that, regardless of colour, they do not alter or modify the natural colours of the objects and the surroundings that we observe.